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April 19, 2022 – April 26, 2022





This small, rare nft collection has been created in recognition of all those people, all over the world, who have questioned, struggled, been fired, silenced, ridiculed, censored, robbed of their livelihoods, freedoms and health.

We are living through an unprecedented era in history with the Plandemic which commenced in 2019 and was named Covid 19 – even though the first patent can be easily sourced on an official public site for means of testing for Covid 19 in October 2015.

This NFT collection supports upholding the Nuremburg Code and basic human rights which have been eroded by world leaders.  It is to bring to light the courage, grit and determination by so many people in order to protect our inalienable rights to live freely, move freely, breath the air freely and to retain body autonomy.

Truckers, protestors, doctors, nurses, and hundreds of other medical professionals, some politicians, journalists and every other human being that has stood up and said no – WE SALUTE YOU!

Individuals and families torn apart by financial hardship, domestic violence, child abuse, a whole plethora of mental health issues which have been brought about by enforced lockdowns and mask wearing and vaccine injuries and deaths with no recourse – WE SUPPORT YOU!

All those millions who needlessly died from Covid because they weren’t allowed to be treated early with safe, effective and readily available drugs – WE MOURN YOU!

And most of all – the children, whose childhoods and education have been robbed and their lives damaged.  Since the vaccines are experimental and haven’t undergone the years of trials that is normal practice, who knows what physical harm may come to them in the years to come on top of the hurt the mandates have already caused?

To big pharma, big tech, mainstream media, governments – SHAME ON YOU!


Watch out – Nineteenmore…

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