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April 20, 2022 – April 27, 2022



Pixelwooks is a free NFT project to build a community and bring experimental music concerts and performance art to the Metaverse. Ownership of a wook is your ticket in. So whether you're an NFT hunter or this is your first NFT experience, come join the party!

There are a total of 10,000 unique wooks—many of which you probably know or have at least seen at a show. We also create a few one-offs of our favorite wook-inspired VIPs that we’ll be giving away to help promote the project and as a way of thanking our supporters.

Here's what we're envisioning for the next few months:

BUILD A COMMUNITY: We're using this free mint to grow an awesome community and get people involved, many in their first NFT project. Come party with us on Discord

CREATE THE JAM DAO: A DAO means that you make the rules. Wook holders will gain access to the JamDAO so you'll help decide which artists perform and come up with other amazing ideas.

FUND A CONCERT TREASURY: The money collected through secondary sales will build a concert venue and Shakedown street in the Metaverse and fund a whole lot of live music.

FORM A LINE UP: We'll start working with musicians to create live shows and artists to put up live visualizations during the concerts.

OPEN A MERCH STORE: A portion of the proceeds from our merch store will go into the concert treasury to continue to fund live music.

Wooks will be dropping at 4:20 pm EST on April 20, 2022.

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