Pixels: Screen Icons

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May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022





On sale from Friday 20th May 2022. Initial owners will receive a free 10x8 inch limited NFT edition signed print, posted free Worldwide.

Most images we look at, especially on phones and other screens, are made up of pixels. We aren’t looking at a person, but thousands of tiny dots arranged to give an impression of the real person.

In this collection the pixels are exposed as much as possible, while keeping the image recognisable. They are also a nod to classic pop art - ‘Pop Art 2.0’.

Images are created by taking 3 or more photographs of a frozen frame on different screens. The ‘dots per inch’ are reduced to pixelate the image (around 20dpi), and then a hi-res photograph captures the pixels, and screen distortion.

Each image is available as a unique one-off NFT, dimensions 10x8 inches, 300dpi.

NFT holders receive a password to gain access to the VIP page of www.rocketfoot.co.uk containing bonus content and discounts from all my other NFT collections - buy any single NFT and access all bonus content.

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