Pixel Ape Rugged Club

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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022





Our purpose, and founding principles: to create, maintain, and further establish an active community presence throughout the Web 3 ecosystem by providing high-value utilities, in addition to meaningful functionalities, backed by alluring art. 

The total Supply of Pixel Ape Rugged Club will be 2,500 individual NFTs. There will be no whitelist, no pre-sale; however, active and collaborative members within the community will be rewarded generously via Free Mints on behalf of the Staff Team. The Royalty structure will be set at 5% to ensure future plans are continuously developed and consistently worked-on. The funds will remain within the Original wallet (excluding community voting action) until our DAO is developed and implemented.

Pixel Apes are baby chimps, naive and subject to external stimuli and easily influenced throughout the decision-making process. Everyone, including both you and myself, have acted like an “Ape” at one point-or-another throughout their life. The good news is it’s behind us and we have the opportunity to extract value from previous experiences by sharing the lesson(s)-learned with others. So be it - Rugged Club. A group of individuals who have the passion, determination, and motivation to further navigate Web 3, or external endeavors for that matter, however; lack sufficient knowledge to ensure safety and appropriate action throughout the decision-making process. Failure is MOST LIKELY, and realistically inevitability, the first experienced outcome for any journey. The Pixel Ape Rugged Club is here to change that ~ Be authentic, be yourself, become part of the Pixel Ape Rugged Club!

Tentative Road Map: Primary Goals and Objectives  

Establish a Complete Staff Team: Internal & External 

Internal: Includes EVERYONE with an active presence - Before launch, this benchmark must reach 100%. If you’re interested in accepting responsibility, and have talents to offer - please Open a Ticket to further discuss next-steps.

External: Includes EVERYONE behind-the-scenes. The goal is to, short term, have ONLY Paid Fee Per Service individuals included in this category (in addition to pre-mint collaboration with other projects) - slowly delegating these covered responsibilities to Internal Staff, eliminating External Staff completely

 Development & Implementation of Community Building Campaigns 

Includes, but is not limited to, Frequent Spaces, Presence in the Discord’s Voice Chat, Entry for Weekly Giveaways (active & collaborative members only), Fan Art events, Poker Events, Alpha Sharing, Stock/Crypto Talk, Discord Activity. Create an active presence within the Reddit, Twitter, and Discord communities. 

Trait Groups/Leaders  

Trait leaders MUST own, and consistently possess, at least FIVE NFTs of the Trait in which they’re leading. The winning trait, with the HIGHEST total Sales each week, will ensure 10% of all Royalties collected from that trait will be redistributed to their personal wallet. No single individual is entitled to the Royalties collected; rather the entire community. This notion will further encourage inner-trait collaboration within the community. I haven’t seen this done before, excited to be the first to try it!

 Development and Implementation of our DAO 

It’s difficult to make the argument that a DAO isn’t necessary - This is our club, we want to make sure the actions we take appropriately reflect the voice of the community. We’re here to lead and suggest; not dictate. 


5,000 Randomly Generated NFTs - Same Traits, with a Mutant Vibe Shift - every trait will be altered to appropriately represent the theme. 1 Pixel Ape Rugged Club = 1 Mutant Pixel Ape Rugged Club. Our rough timeline for Mutants is within 60 days of the Public Mint. The remaining will be mintable to the public at 0.0025 ETH. The Royalty Structure for Mutants will be 0 - this ones for you guys!


Animation Serums will bring additional utility to your PARC NFT by further enhancing traits via metadata manipulation (It’ll move). 250 Animation Serums in total - 100 will be Awarded, 100 will be Mintible, 50 will be saved in the Community Vault for future promotions.

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