PerMuh-G: 'n Verlore Verstand (Avalanche)

Drop's mint website was verified by its submitter in our Discord community
September 17, 2022 – September 24, 2022





Get ready for the 1st PerMuh-G Public Grape (Polygon) Drop of the 1st Game Title available in the PerMuh-G Collection, 'n Verlore Verstand.

Market: OpenSea

Available Copies: 5,000

Mint date: 15/09 (06:00 PM UTC)

Mint price: 20 MATIC

PerMuh-G is a new Game Distribution Platform that focuses on Full Traditional Games, distributed via NFT and with Game Downloads/Installers hosted on Decentralized IPFS Clusters/Pins.

NO Microtransactions,

NO Pay 2 Win,

NO Play 2 Earn,

NO Arbitrary Digital Rarity and scarcity

Just 1 Single NFT to own a Full Game.

With Full Game Copy Ownership also come a lot of perks, such as being able to resell your game copy, lend it to a friend, swap games with the community or just collect it and stack up your unique game collection.

By owning a PerMuh-G NFT Game Copy you also get access to the Gated PerMuh-G Club in our Discord, which gives you access to future Giveaways and Discounts as well the ability to submit your own content for consideration to be included in the PerMuh-G Collection.

Check out our Website and our Discord for more info.

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