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November 13, 2023 – November 20, 2023






Dominic LaRiccia of sporkfineart is a pop surrealist who uses painting and photography to create digital collage art. His work is less about transporting information and more about conveying sensation and inspiration. Dominic creates images to beautify the world and inspire the observer to reveal their own insights and emotions. His work doesn’t aim to tell you HIS story, instead he hopes you will find your own story in his art.

David Krovblit

David Krovblit (aka KROVBLIT --- KRO(crow)-V-BLIT) is a Canadian visual artist based in Southern California. Specializing in collage, Krovblit borrows imagery from vintage books and magazines to build contemporary collages rooted in pop and historical pop culture.

Demon Ego

Demon Ego is a multimedia artist living in Turkey. He has doctoral degree in fine arts, assistant in an university // the graphic design department; researcher on demons, monsters and mythological creatures in art & design. The reason why he define himself as a "multimedia artist" is because he is not attached to any art or design field or material.


Ciberdelia, a project by the Brazilian visual artist Matheus Xavier, was born from the idea of visual experimentation for the viewer through different ways of making art and immersion in the immaterial world through analog and digital collages, illustrations and animations.

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