Owl Dudes Raffle

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October 02, 2022 – October 09, 2022





To celebrate the minting of Owl Dude #3000 & ≈ 300 owners:   IT'S RAFFLE TIME!   Get 1 entry in a multi NFT raffle for EACH Owl Dude purchased from now thru Halloween '22!
  Eligible Ways to Enter Raffle, Get an Owl Dude On:   1. OpenSea via our Community Owners Owl Dudes listings   2. OpenSea offer via owner owldudes. Virtually ALL OFFERS ACCEPTED for Owl Dudes #102+ that were not in videos.   3. OwlDudes.com via Matic minting

If there are 1 to 5 Owl Dudes sales or mints from now thru Halloween '22:   1. Up to 3 randomly selected addresses will get 3 newly minted Owl Dudes   2. One randomly selected address gets their choice of another NFT project. Details on Discord!

Thank you for support!


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