OverWhaleMing Whales

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October 03, 2021 – October 10, 2021





A Series of collectibles Over-Whale-Ming Whales are automatically generated characters not for the faint-hearted collectors. For This series, there is a total of 1500 auto-generated characters of Over-Whale-Ming Whales up for grabs. These are hand-drawn characters with their own traits of characters.

Over-Whale-Ming Whales are a collection submerged in Polygon Blockchain. Each whale is unique on its own and cannot be replicated, taken away nor destroyed.

Choose your Whale human. To Reward the first 300 early birds to this project, the first 300 OWM Whales are minted at 0.015ETH.

0001 - 0300 - (0.015 ETH)

0301 - 0600 - (0.03 ETH)

0601 - 1000 - (0.050 ETH)

1001 - 1500 - (0.075 ETH)

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