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July 01, 2024 – July 08, 2024





Hey there, crypto swimmers! It’s your pal Ollie the Otter, ready to navigate you through the Otterly exciting waters of our crypto project! Let's dive right into the current that’s making waves in the digital sea: the Otterly project.

Our adventure starts with the "Otter Club" NFT drop - a treasure trove of 10k NFTs released in three splashy phases. First up, the Early Otter Mint for the quickest flippers out there - only 250 NFTs available, each packed with a whopping 3 million $Ottr tokens(that's double the tokens, folks!). Following that, we have the Whitelist and Public Mints, where each NFT still packs a hefty 1.5 million $Ottr tokens.

But hold onto your tails, because each NFT isn’t just a key to tokens - it’s your entry to the legendary hidden whale wallet contest. This isn’t just any old treasure hunt; it’s your chance to crack a puzzle and unlock a wallet stuffed with 5 billion $Ottr coins. Talk about a whale of a prize!

Once our NFT mint wave settles, we’ll launch the $Ottr coin and use the minting profits to build a robust liquidity pool on DEX. And for our NFT holders? Welcome to the Otter Club House - a members-only zone offering exclusive access to early, attractive crypto projects, all audited by the Otter Standard to keep those sneaky crypto squids at bay.

Our mission is simple: to create a safe harbor in the stormy seas of the crypto world, where trust and authenticity rule the waves. So, if you’re tired of dodgy dealings and fake waves, come swim in our clear waters. Let’s ride the tide together and make the crypto ocean a safer place for everyone!

Splash you later,

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