[OSZO 1]

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November 01, 2021 – November 07, 2021





From November 01, 2021, Germany-based artist Ritchie Riediger will mint 1 out of 30 original stills from 1995 every day.

[OSZO 1] is an image generator that I built in order to display biomorphic structures depending on sounds or audible frequencies. On the techniques of visualization, I have a valid patent, which prohibits rebuilding. Classic copyright, on which the artist has the rights to his works and their copies, in an age of digital reproduction of art, turns into an entitlement to the creation itself. The context can either be art or business; rather than as an artistic originator, I can as well act as a technological inventor. A machine too can be a work of art. When the machine generates the images, all that matters are the construction and its operation.

Tags: #art

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