Original Pyramid Gang

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May 17, 2022 – May 24, 2022





Want to get paid every month for owning an nft? Get paid monthly for owning an original pyramid gang nft how it works strategy

** every week, we release a drop with standard opg nft characters at a price of 0.0777 eth ( = 147 usd). 

** once a month, we release a drop with rare opg nft characters at a price of 0.777 eth ( = 1,474 usd)  

 ** 20% of the total monthly profits will be divided between the share holders of our opg nft characters (for example: if 15 standard opg nft characters were sold per month for a total of 1.1655 eth ( = 2,211 usd), 20% of the profits; 0.2331 eth ( = 442 usd) will be divided between all prior opg nft shareholders. 

*holders of standard opg characters will not accumulate percentages on our rare opg nft sales. 

*holders of rare opg characters will accumulate percentages on all opg nft sales.   Reminder our collection has only now just been released!! *the earlier you invest in your original pyramid gang nft character, the more profitable it will be for you in the future!! **every holder of an opg nft character will be added to our private discord group, where you will be updated on releases before they drop and recieve information about our special events and giveaways!  

 ** all rare opg characters will be available on t-shirt, hoodies, and cap designs. Owners of each opg nft will recieve 10% of the profits on all sales of their character merch!   Available on opensea https://opensea.Io/collection/original-pyramid-gang twitter https://twitter.Com/opgnft instagram https://www.Instagram.Com/opgnft/ discord https://discord.Gg/7esmvqj3    

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