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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022





The Orange Financial whitelist mint will happen between December 1st-3rd.

Only 250 initial whitelist spots will be available on this

What is Orange Financial?
- Orange Financial is a Yield Farming NFT Treasury that allows holders to own a piece of the orange financial investment portfolio. Weekly to bi-weekly, investments are sold depending on market conditions, and profits are distributed to Orange Financial holders.

- Fractional Treasury rewards through NFT's allows anyone to participate in our treasury. With a low cost of entry and weekly rewards, orange financial is redefining traditional investing.

Why choose us over other NFT projects?
As DeFi continues to grow the price of entry for certain projects continues to rise. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate. Many projects require a minimum-stake amount to receive full yield. With a low cost of entry orange financial holders are able to diversify into a basket of high-cost of entry yield farming projects and receive all the compounding benefits without lifting a finger.
DeFi has been plagued with a lack of transparency. At Orange Financial transparency is our most important value. All of our investments are open-book and visible to everyone. And all of our rewards are distributed through stablecoins. We believe that removing the risk factor of having a native token, our community can be better served in a more controlled stable fashion and accurately see how our portfolio is performing.
No Native Token
Rewards are distributed in USDC. There is no main token.
USDC Rewards - 80% of the Treasuries profit is converted into stablecoins weekly. By using USDC for our method of reward distribution, we are able to avoid all the downsides from having our own token (Price fluctuations, price of entry, etc)
 Portfolio Transparency
Every member of the community will be able to see our investments.
Every single one of our investments, re-allocations, and treasury management decisions are recorded and displayed publicly for anyone to see. All decisions regarding the treasury are communicated to the community. All transaction hash's will be posted publicly and visible to all as well.
Weekly Treasury Payouts
Weekly rewards from our investments are converted into USDC and distributed to our community every 7 days. The quantity and amount will always vary based on the performance of our underlying assets.
Variable Interest Rate
There is no fixed payout or interest rate. The only way to have a sustainable reward structure is through variable interest rates. And for that reason we will not have an advertised interest rate. By being an orange financial holder, you effectively own a portion of the treasury and the rewards are 100% co-related to the performance of our underlying assets.
Crosschain DeFi, all in one NFT
Our investments span across multiple chains and networks. Profit is converted back to stablecoins and bridged to Polygon for payout to holders
Invest in the best De-Fi sectors just by owning 1 NFT.
Take the hassle out of investing, compounding, selling and still have the chance to participate in the most effective DeFi protocols just by being an Orange Financial holder. The treasury invests on several protocols & multiple chains including Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, Fantom, and Algorand


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