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October 22, 2021 – October 22, 2021



Our vision

The Nova Creed is our core collection of 12,000 unique avatars, stationed on the space station Elonius V. These avatars start your journey into our universe, a universe which bridges the digital and the physical, and will feature a play-to-earn game, with it’s own ERC20 reward, and most excitingly, a chance to win a stake in our secondary sales.

As well as the Nova Creed avatars, we’ll be releasing spaceship NFTs for you to command, along with a series of physical merch such as figurines, movie quality posters and graphic novels. Combining our ERC20 token and the utility of our game, we will offer multiple ways to earn and gain rewards from your NFTs.

The aim of Nova Creed is to create an NFT that gives back in leaps and bounds. Both in terms of utility and community, the Nova Creed will redefine the standard of the NFT experience. Our team is made of both NFT fanatics and product leaders, including the founder and CEO of a tech startup, meaning we're well versed in leading successful global projects.


The artwork for our Nova Creed NFTs has been a labour of love, and we think the quality speaks for itself. Within our initial collection there will be six different species (slowly being revealed up to launch), each with their own rich back story that will tie into future content, media, community building and the P2E game.

This is not a simple 10k PFP, we're creating an entire universe, and we knew our artwork needed to stand out. That's why we chose to work with our artist Luella. With clients such as BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury and more. 

The year is 2420.

Civilisations across the galaxy have suffered a series of environmental disasters. Some remain planet bound, on the brink of extinction, others have moved their populations into space. The common factor among all of them: the need for water.

In the wilderness of space there is only one profession more dangerous than that of a soldier. Those that follow the Nova Creed. These scavengers living on stations at the edge of known space, awaiting the call to arms when new deposits of ice are detected. Despite the bonds they've built up they compete in incredible races across the stars to be the first to find the ice and take the profit from selling it on to planets in need.

Nova Creed revolves around the space station Elonius V.

This space station has a population of 12,000 inhabitants, of various species professions and ranks. It's the oldest and most famous of stations and has developed a notoriety that has united those onboard, even as they compete fiercely against one another.

Elonius V sits on an asteroid far away from any habitable planets. It was originally an old mining colony but was abandoned during the last great galactic war and fell into disrepair. As time went by it slowly became a base for those hunting for ice on the outskirts of space. Soon enough it became home to many of them.

While there are a number of similar space stations, often newer and better equipped, Elonius V has developed a reputation bordering on reverence, which has turned the inhabitants of Elonius V into a community like no other. While Elonius V is falling apart, overcrowded and full of problems its a true home to those living there, and though many of them earn enough to move away again, the bonds they've built up keeps bringing them back.

There are a few dingy bars on Elonius V, but the main hub is a large bar in the heart of the station called The Tea Bowl. The Tea Bowl is owned and run by the illustrious Red, nicknamed “Shoes” who lost his legs out on a race gone wrong. He’s retired now, but keeps the order, and people fear and respect him in equal measure.

Species & Archetypes

To begin with there will be 6 unique species in the lore of Nova Creed. Not only are these aesthetically different, a time consuming but worthwhile feat, they each have a rich backstory that will be woven into the longer term project. While we are keen to promote diversity and collaboration - we can forsee a lot of fun in having your own hang out space for each species.

It's important to remember. The universe is vast. There might be other species we haven't yet come across...



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