Nomad Aliens

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August 20, 2022 – August 27, 2022





The Nomad Aliens NFT is an awesome new 3D Avatar project consisting of 5,000 NFTs that have been individually sculpted and modelled by digital designer Omar. What makes Nomad Aliens NFT project so special❔ Nomad Aliens are part of the small but growing 3D digital art community on the Ethereum blockchain. There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into 3D modelling the Nomad as well as all of their traits. Becoming part of the Nomad Aliens community will not only provide you with the possibility to reap personal financial benefits through substantial rewards but it will also offer members the opportunity be able to help those outside of the community. Nomad Aliens place a high value on giving back to others in need. And all members of the community will play a part in deciding where and what donations will be made to organizations around the world. With your help, we are planning to make the Nomad Aliens community into one of the most vibrant, passionate and giving communities on discord.

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