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July 27, 2022 – August 03, 2022



HEROES: GENESIS is an NFTs collection of 4000 profile pictures in the Noku’s Ecosystem. They are about to be released and nothing will ever be the same again!

Noku is an NFT Gaming platform with 5 years in business, an NFT Marketplace, and more: see everything at

HEROES: GENESIS will not be just NFTs, it will be much more:

 NFT Gaming: Each hero will have exclusive bonuses within the Crypto Heroes Trading NFTs Game, also granting access to a dedicated tournament with 1 BTC as a prize. The game is already Live! with 50.000 community of players! See everything at https: //

NFT Farming: by staking one or more Heroes the owner can passively earn tokens from Noku and his partners!

 Alpha Group: as an owner of HEROES you will be eligible to enter the HEROES ALPHA GROUP and earn a priority list, raffle, and other advantages on the next releases of Noku and his partners.

 Metaverse: Owning at least one hero gives the opportunity to enter our metaverse before everyone else, where owners will play our games to earn tokens and NFTs.

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