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April 17, 2022 – April 24, 2022


Magic Eden



Every nftyracer is an entry in our car real-drops

  % of mint revenue used to purchase real cars, decided on by our community

  Cars are sent to randomly selected hosts for a 6 month period

  Hosts enjoy ownership-style access to car

All of our holders can claim a luxury garage and lounge in our metaverse.

 Store your nftyracer in style!

 Display your nfts!

 Hang with friends in your luxury lounge!

 Larger collections = more space and features!

 Enjoy access to our autoverse planet, with tons of driving experiences

Race-to-earn game in development!

  Manage your nftyracer collection as your private race team!

  Direct your drivers on how to race depending on car-stats, track selection, and other factors.

  Earn money for successfully managing your team to victory!

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