NFT Collection Created by an Orangutan

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August 19, 2022 – August 22, 2022





It seems that nothing can impress a sophisticated NFT enthusiast, as creators and brands can't stop coming up with extraordinary ideas for their drops. But this time, even the most well-traveled collectors will have to pick up their jaws in surprise as the Oklahoma City Zoo and Oklahoma Zoological Society are to auction off NFTs created by their ward. And he is a super-talented digital artist-orangutan named Elok! While the NFT world is nearly bursting with ape-themed tokens, this is the first time when digital artworks are created by an ape!

A 21-year-old Sumatran orangutan used a 2-foot digital brush on an Xbox, equipped with a 3X4-foot screen to create his masterpieces. Each time the new artwork was complete, Elok received his favorite yum like popcorn, prunes, and animal crackers, as a reward. 

The 21 vibrant NFTs are going on sale on August 19th, timed to the international orangutan day via an international auction hosted by OpenSea. The auction will be running until August 22nd, with a starting bid of $555. The initiative aims to attract funds to conserve orangutans and other endangered animals and raise awareness about wildlife preservation in society. According to Rebecca Snyder, the zoo’s director of conservation and science, the zoo chose a Sumatra-based charity, the Leuser Conservation Forum to aid Elok's congeners and help save the population of these wonderful primates inhabiting the Indonesian Island.

Elok is a very intelligent orangutan that never stops evolving. He regularly collects puzzles and is engaged in other mental activities. Before proceeding with digital art, the world’s first known animal digital artist painted on physical canvases, under the guidance of Tracey Dolphin, the OKC Zoo’s curator of primates.

You could see that learning as he went through the process and once he understood it, then he got a little bit more into it,” Dolphin commented on her ward's creative endeavors.

For now, we can only doubt the possible sum Elok and his caring staff will raise after the auction is over. Join the initiative and place your bid to own an exclusive NFT created by an orangutan and help preserve these outstanding, smart apes.

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