NF Honey Badgers

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January 17, 2022 – January 24, 2022





Introducing these truly non-fungible creatures that roam this universe, immune to the venom of snakes and society. 10,000 Honey Badgers will emerge from their subterranean haven of SoliCity to take Base (ERC) 721 by storm!

About the project

Honey Badgers don’t care much about beating around the bush, so let’s get straight to the good stuff:

  • NF Honey Badgers (NFHB) is the only officially licensed NFT collection by Christopher Gordon AKA ‘Randall’, creator of the legendary and the most viral Honey Badger meme video ever with nearly 100 million views -
  • 50% of all our royalties from OpenSea will be distributed back to our NFT holders!
  • 30% of all royalties will be sent to a community wallet, controlled by the votes of the Honey Badgers which will be used to grow our project including SoliCity, metaverse, and home of the NF Honey Badgers.
  • A piece of the Honey Pot (10% of the community wallet) will be donated to conservation efforts every month, as voted for by our NFT holders.  When Honey Badgers do decide to care, they shape the world...both digital and tangible.


We are building the most amazing Honey-Badger-only Metaverse called SoliCity which will keep growing with our community. For instance, the ‘Art Convention Centre’ would open up into SoliCity’s VR NFT gallery, the ‘Snake Pit’ into an engaging P2E game and the Mining Farm is already on its way to integrating with the ultimate meme coin ‘Honey Badger Don’t Care (HBDC)’, which will be one of the ERC-20 tokens powering the NFHB metaverse! Each attraction in SoliCity is designed with a unique utility in mind, with something to please the tastes of each and every one of its 10,000 unique NF Honey Badger residents.

In SoliCity, we fly the flag of the Honey Badger, nature’s precision-tuned badass. A community of the free-spirited, unshackled by shits and unburdened by dips!

Join us on our Discord, where honey is worth its weight in gold and the badger’s lore never gets old.

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