Nasar aliens imx

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January 28, 2022 – February 01, 2022





Nasar aliens is an 8.000 nft collection, arribing on immutable x & partnered with mantial.
Aliens are landing on earth to solve some of humanity’s worst problems: racism, pooerty, pollution and more.

By collaborating with a huge ngo, each alien will donate 2,5% of it’s minting value to the mission of cleaning the plastics in the oceans.

Also aliens are setting up a crypto-mining farm powered by clean energy (solar pannels), and will reward all holders with the cryptos mined.

By the end of the project, aliens are moving to the metaverse. They will purchase a sandbox/decentraland parcel, and build a replic of nasar planet on it.

In there they will launch a cryptoart gallery, and 2.5% of all the earnings of the collection will be invested in digital art (nfts from other collections) to be shown in the virtual gallery..!!

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