Nakamoto Chimpz

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022




The purpose of our first collection is to offer unique sweatshirts, certified on the polygon blockchain using NFTs. Owning a Chimp will allow you to redeem a premium & unique hoodie with your NFT on it without charge. Moreover, we will inclde a QR code or your address so that everyone can verify ownership of the NFT! While the exact design of the shirts is not fixed, we will keep you updated regularly with the designs so that you can share your opinion with us. This NFT collection is only the first step of our journey: we plan to launch products on other blockchains (ethereum, solana, elrond), as well as partnering with existing collections! Finally, in order to bootstrap our brand, we will airdrop some of our NFTs to the community. Make sure to follow us to avoid missing the opportunity. If you have any question, you can check the FAQ section on or DM on Twitter!

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