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July 18, 2022 – July 25, 2022

MOTEARN is the Next-Gen Move2Earn app that rewards you for your movement (running, walking, biking, swimming...) by connecting Smart Tangible products to your NFTs to create a full phygital experience.

Move2Earn anywhere anytime!

 Perform any activity you love!

Track with any device!

 Earn rewards with EMETs (Embry Move2Earn Token)!

 Burn EMETs and get physical and digital products!

 Get absolute privacy! (No GPS data was collected)

 Next-Gen Move2Earn 

To create the next-Gen Move2Earn ecosystem, Motearn is based on 5 novel concepts and principles.

 ctNFT [Connected Tangible NFT] in Phygital Metaverse 

A new category of NFTs that we call ctNFT — Connected Tangible NFT. User can connect their favorite wearable to their favorite ctNFT and upgrade their ctNFT for additional utility and power in Phygital(Physical + Digital) Metaverse.

Everyone can join the new world where virtual experiences promote health IRL(in real life).

Get Healthier, Get Wealthier 

Users earn EMETs (in-app utility token) only by maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Therefore, it is impossible to buy or earn EMETs by performing anything other than physical activity IRL(in real life).

 Sustainable Long-term rewarding pool 

Who will pay for users’ movement? We worked hard to answer this question first!

There are 3rd parties that are benefiting from people being physically more active. Hundreds of billion dollars could be saved annually that insurance companies, employers, and governments are spending on issues caused by the sedentary lifestyle. So the next-gen move2earn ecosystem will attract those parties to pay for the rewards as a proactive action in preventing those issues. Exactly when the new user growth reaches Plato, all move2earn projects are at risk of crashing but not Next-Gen move2earn ecosystems since those rely on principles and technologies that will convince all beneficiaries to join the ecosystem.

Reliability is The Key

To create a long-term sustainable economy that fairly rewards everyone, the newcomers and OGs, we need the parties mentioned above to join the ecosystem and contribute to the rewarding pool. Those parties will join only if the data is reliable. Motearn rewards users based on the reliability of the activity tracking device, which is based on Proof-of-walk technology(R&D by Embry Tech).

 Privacy First 

Since 3rd parties will join the rewarding pool, user privacy is becoming more critical than ever. For that purpose, Motearn uses non-GPS technology for privacy. And user's data is converted to crypto tokens(EMETs) which eventually will be sold to the 3rd party but not the physical activity data itself.

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