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July 06, 2022 – July 13, 2022




Avax Network

What are MINI Market Makers?

MINI Market Makers is a platform built on AVALANCHE that provides a unique, fun, and easy way to invest in decentralized fincance (DeFi). We actively manage diversified Yield Farming porfolios that are focused on preservation of capital and sustainabilty. Transparency is paramount. We are DOXXED and all of our investment data and treasury information is built into the protocol. Our 3 characters each manage a separate portfolio, diversified across risk tolerance, to generate farming rewards for the holders of that character's MINI.

+ 3333 NFTs feature 3 characters (Bears, Bulls, & Frogs)

+ BEARS represent conservative investments and minimizing risk... BULLS represent medium risk investments with an increased focus on earning higher yields... FROGS represent higher risk investments that offer much higher reward potential.

+ 200 Presale MINIs SOLD OUT in seconds!

+ We hold weekly giveaways, giving the treasury rewards to holders weekly

+ NFTs act as shareholding tokens that can be used to unlock your share of yield farming rewards within our platform

+ NFT Staking dApp already in development, offers a gamified yield farming experience. Allows holders to stake within their choice of yield farming pools to earn daily, weekly, or monthly rewards depending on their choice of staking pool.

+ MINI Marketplace will launch later this year to allow NFT customization and upgrades, increasing the share value and earning potential of your NFTs

+ We have plans to eventually open the platform to partnerships so that other existing or new NFT collections can utilize the dApp to provide utility to their collections or automate their giveaways

+ Early next year, we will be launching an NFT collection that features extensive customization options that significantly impact your rewards/earning on the platform. Our NFT evolution system caries your NFTs through a lifespan that changes the way they interact with the platform.

+ This new system features farmland plots (NFTs) that generate ecosystem rewards until they expire... but... you can extend the life of your NFTs by playing a "tower-defence" style game.

+ Performance in the game directly impacts your NFTs and the ability to earn rewards.

+ After establishing the initial success and stability of this platform, we have plans to add free-to-play options that will allow users to participate and earn without any initial investment into the protocol.

We do NOT have a native token, and all rewards are paid in $AVAX. This means that there will be NO unnecessary focus on buy and sell pressure, NO taxes or fees, and ABSOLUTELY no dependence on new buyers to sustain the protocol or pay current holders!

Pressure should NOT be on the buyers and sellers to sustain the value of a protocol. The pressure should absolutely be on the project, the protocol, and the team behind it. Period.

We offer no false promises. Just real, sustainable DeFi investing with actual profits paid to holders. We take security and investing very seriously, but our NFTs are meant to be an easy and fun way to engage with web3 investing.

You can get your MINIs during the first week of July!
July 6th - Whitelisted wallets can mint for .8 $AVAX
July 8th - Mint opens to the public for the price of 1 $AVAX

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