MIL-SPEC Pineapples

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December 11, 2021 – December 17, 2021





Veteran Created NFTs Aiding Veteran Health. 

MIL-SPEC Pineapples will enable access to the MIL-SPEC DAO, Epic MIL-SPEC Wearables, Marketplace Royalties, care packages and future Commissions from the MIL-SPEC Art Platform. 

Our Mission is to improve the lives of Veterans and Aid Veteran Mental Health through our Operations. 

OPERATION MIL-VET Retreat is a base to provide a safe environment for Veterans. 

OPERATION MIL-SPEC Art NFT Platform is where Veterans can learn about NFTs, create and even sell their creations. 

Be sure to check out our Website and Whitepaper for details. 

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