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July 06, 2022 – July 13, 2022





Mint Price

OG - 0.05eth(500)

WL - 0.06eth(2,000)

public - 0.069eth(2,500)


This is a Web3.0 AV project. The purpose of the AV project is strong, but we are focusing on art.

The difference from other AVs is that the holder can plan and shoot the AV by himself based on the spirit of Web3.0.

Also, Holder appears as an AV actor.

Any holder is available, and as the size of the project grows, we plan to invite holders from other countries as well.

We prepare 1:1 meal dates/photoshoots/fan meetings, etc.

And there will be a year-end AV party.
* Personnel from other countries will provide flight tickets directly to the holder by MIB to participate in the event

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