Metaverse ape club

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January 22, 2022 – January 26, 2022





Metaverse ape club is a unique collection of only 10k metaverse apes set to deploy onto the metaverse and take over with a strong and loyal community that is heating up very quickly in the discord server.

Not all ape will be dropped at the same time the road map consists of 1k apes being dropped at only 0.02eth as the early to the party offer, when these have been minted satge 2 commences and the next 2k go on sale for 0.7 eth,upon minting of these ape stage 3 commences and we drop another 3k metaverse apes at 2 Eth,this continues through the collection until we hit 10k,there will be no more metaverse apes created ever again so the floor price is endless,can they hit 20-30 Eth we think so and so does the discord community 

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