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January 22, 2022 – January 29, 2022





We are proud to announce the World’s first Passive income NFT collection – MetaSimps NFTs. An extraordinary, unique, and innovative concept of 9,999 NFTs’. This collection is created by five individuals, who are well-experienced in this known industry.

The project is quite advanced, based on Ethereum blockchain, and backed by the major holders of famously known CryptoPunks.

The developers of the MetaSimps NFTs have also planned to roll out the Simps Token to support and boost the MetaSimps NFT community. This initiative will enable the community to cross-sell and create value for both projects.

The rewards are generous, such as;

- USD 50K giveaway to 20 NFT holders,

- 10 Simps tokens per NFT per day to all holders,

- 10% ETH generated from NFT sales will be added to liquidity,

- Listing on CMC and CoinGecko,

- And not to forget surprise giveaways.

A quick boost to 20x is very feasible due to cross-selling initiatives and more value creation is anticipated in the long term. 

So, get ready to grab your spot in the Whitelist minting on 22nd Jan at 2 pm GMT before it is too late.

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