Metapixels nft drop on opensea

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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





Nft is trending. Now is the time to join the party! Nfts are revolutionizing the way people can collect, trade, and sell art. I really think this is here to stay. The nfts you buy today might be worth millions in the future. Your nft experience will be priceless.

So let me introduce my project… THE METAPIXELS!!

This is a collection of 10k collectible algorithm-generated pixel art characters, inspired by streetwear fashion, hypebeast and the hip hop world, with more than 350 traits and accesories. Each nft metapixel will be priced at 0.005 ETH + 0 gas fees. There will be a limited supply of 10,000 metapixels.

Each metapixel is a programmatically generated 100x100 png and enlarged to 3000x3000 px and carefully crafted, stored as an erc-721 token on the polygon blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system (ipfs).

There will be no pre-sale or white-list. Make sure to follow all of our social media and to be active on our discord as this will help you to secure your spot for sale. Dropping on October 1!

Are you ready?

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