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May 22, 2022 – May 29, 2022





Hi Trainers!

The World of Metamon is a new METAVERSE project that aims to unite people around the world by creating a community of Metamon trainers. 
Get one of our unique NFTs and join the exiting world of Metamon. The project is designed to build the strongest community on Earth.

Enter the raffle for a spot on the whitelist through the following link:
Closing date of registration: 25th of MAY

Once you become the owner, you will have access to the Metamon World and the game where you can catch the Metamon (NFT). 
Train them, battle against other Metamon trainers, defeat gyms or even start your own gym. 

Players wil be able to purchase virtual plots of lands as Non-fungible Tokens from the game’s world, called Metamongo. 
Metamongo, the Metamons’ homeland, is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes and assets for the citizens.

A Land is a digital piece of real-estate in the MetamonGo metaverse. 
You can use your Land to build digital experiences like hosting tournaments, invite other players and build and design your own gym to battle other trainers in the Metaverse. 
Challenge each other and win Barol-tokens with battles and tournaments.
Each LAND is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 10.000 LANDs will be available.
Land plotss can be accessed through our game that will be released on the end of june.

Dont miss out on the mint of lands of our upcoming game, releasing on the following dates

Metamon Presale may 26TH 22.00 UTC - 0.15 ETH
Public sale may 27th 00:00 UTC - 0.2 ETH
Check out the following link for updates, releases and more info:

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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