Meta Space Babies

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April 02, 2022 – April 09, 2022





Meta Space Babies: where Holders get $300,000 USD profits per quarter from real-world businesses.

As an MSB holder, you start making money Day 1 after mint. Don’t believe it? Here’s how…

MSB is an asset-backed NFT run by entrepreneurs who are building a self-supporting community. This is our strategy:

  • Scale our high-yield investments in Real Estate and Recruitment that already generate six-figure+ profits
  • Community decides businesses, partnerships, member payouts, buy-backs and more with their 50% share of profits
  • MSB’s Digital Wearables Marketplace where holders create traits, increase rarities, sell items and EARN $$$
  • Build community wealth through never-before-seen Real Estate + Casino Platforms

 On top of huge financial benefits, MSB holders can expect a vibrant community with:

  • Art and comic books that will build the MSB universe
  • A video game where holders go on quests, fight battles against rival MSB Regions, and fight battles against the forces that threaten the Metaverse
  • Huge charity donations to support People and the Planet with: medicine, fresh water, animal sanctuaries, trees, and ocean cleanup

This business-driven NFT is in it long-term. We’re here to unlock the true potential of NFTs, crypto and the creator economy.

Profits go back into projects and to MSB Holders. Development needs none of the rewards.  

This NFT will make millions…and generate millions more. Start building Digital + Traditional wealth by joining our Discord now

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