Meta Pharaohs

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March 07, 2022 – March 14, 2022





A unique collection of 5555 digital artworks meta pharaohs brings real art into the nft space, unveiling a community-driven project with real cultural and historical significance.

300+ high quality traits, making each artwork the perfect fit for your metaverse avatar.

With an action-packed roadmap, the ancient gods have entered the metaverse bringing style and a long-term vision that change the nft space forever.

Phase 1 - physical tokens that will bring your nft’s to life.

Thanks to our official collaboration with infinite objects, meta pharaohs will give away 500 physical tokens to the most engaged discord members and one physical token for each whitelisted member.

Phase 2 – the legendary forbidden nft

Our sole purpose was creating the rarest nft in existence, and we’ve done it.

The forbidden nft consists of 5 legendary pieces that will be randomly released throughout the collection.

The wallet that collects the legendary 5 pieces of the forbidden one, will initiate a fusion reaction, in which the blockchain will fuse the pieces together to reveal the rarest and most unique nft in existence – the forbidden one.

Meta pharaohs will reward $1,000,000 in eth to the collector that completes the challenge of fusing the forbidden nft.

If you mint 1 piece of the forbidden nft, you will have the opportunity to sell it, hold it, or start the journey of collecting all legendary 5 pieces, of you’re up for the challenge!

Final phase

Metaverse showroom the 16,00 sq ft – where members can showcase, auction and enjoy their works together with the world.

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