Masked Punks Drop

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February 12, 2022 – February 17, 2022





An organically grown, royalty free NFT for everyone based on the Ethereum blockchain, 10,000 Masked punks were born to bridge the gap in the ever expanding punkverse, a derivative that stands for all, #Mpunks face left and right representing all walks of life

Why #Mpunks

The NFT boom in the recent year has brought a lot of good to the industry, however there has still been a some shady practises bringing some big names into doubt over their legitimacy

Most recently, crypto influencer @beaniemaxi has been found out the be involved with certain pump and dump scams, hiding behind his online beanie cryptopunk pfp, he was recently doxxed by NFTethics to the wider public as a man named Charles Moscoe, leaving certain NFT projects he collaborated with no choice but to distance themselves.

Thank you for reading, we welcome you to the #Mpunks website and hope to see you in our discord soon for some interesting conversation

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Oscar & Sam

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