Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch - Artistic Goat

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July 26, 2022 – August 02, 2022





Own a Piece of Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch Family! 2222 Artistic Goats

TikTok Artist Mariam Marks (3.9M Followers) is quickly growing across all social media platforms. The Artistic Goat collection was created based off her new YouTube Cartoon series The Fun Bunch launching July 2022

·     2222 NFTs: Each NFT is uniquely created by Mariam Marks

·     LAUNCH DATE: Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 @ 8PM EST

·     MINT PRICE: 08. ETH

·     (9) LEGENDARY NFT: Artistic Goats available. Receive a 30-60 second custom video NFT from Mariam Marks. As well as exclusive licensing rights to use that NFT as they choose!

·      JOIN THE DISCORD: Learn more about the project and get whitelisted! Early adopters are eligible for a custom video with a NFT purchase!

·      GIVE TO CHARITY: 10% of profits are going to Heifer, a charity giving families in need goats to sustain themselves throughout the year


About Mariam Marks

Mariam Marks is a growing influencer with over 3.9M followers on TikTok and quickly expanding on all other social platforms. She is known for her hilarious and creative content through facepaint videos. Mariam passion is driven by bringing joy to others, in July 2022 she will be launching the first ever Facepaint cartoon series “The Fun Bunch!”

Mariam’s first NFT campaign (Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch) is based on the main characters in this series as well as some of her most popular videos with over 22 Million views.

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