Chelsea Hotel

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October 03, 2022 – October 10, 2022





Misfit! Manifesto

Magnificent misfits of the chelsea hotel

A bohemian legacy art/nft/irl project

Inaugural collection - september 30, 2022

Purpose: build a bohemian legacy nft/art/irl community documenting, honoring, and expanding upon the 124-year legacy of the chelsea hotel, nyc & using blockchain technology for distributed ownership, shared opportunity, & shared benefit. 

Effort: the community will research, catalog, & honor the history of the art, artists, & events of the hotel chelsea, nyc to mint commemorative legacy misfit series tokens to fund project development, create community, and promote art. 

Spirit: the misfit project will reignite the spirit, creativity, & community of the famed & infamous chelsea hotel, nyc a refuge from conventionality, hive of personal expression, and haven for creative autonomy.

Offering: the inaugural misfit! Collection consists of 333 one-of-one hand-crafted & numbered master misfit! Steward tokens each representing an individual chelsea artist that lived, stayed, and/or created at the storied chelsea hotel, nyc.

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