LoopieLooNFT Freemint

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June 15, 2022 – June 22, 2022





I wanted to show off my own little art project, and it's 100% free (0 ETh + gas). My "LoopieLooNFT" drop features 9,663 trippy cattle dogs. I popped these onto an ERC721A (verified so you can read the code), which means you can mint up to 5 NFTs for a single gas (I minted 5 for $5 when gas was at 23).  Each dog NFT also has a unique generated name that shows both in the metadata and on the NFT itself -- all instant reveal, too, so you can see your doggo just after minting.  1,000+ minted so far! If you mint, please tweet your dog's name @LoopieLooNFT -- I'd love to see which one you got. Only one super-rare ("Dave Growl") has been minted so far (9 super rares left!). This mint is 100% (all art+code) by yours truly, a solo / doxxed web3 dev (@SwiggaJuice#1447 on Discord), founder of GenerativeNFTs.io, and a popular generative art coding writer on Medium (@jimdee).  Mint page:  https://loopies.generativenfts.io/

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