little valentine's ghost

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January 29, 2023 – February 05, 2023





Where art and the metaverse collide with a collection of over 400 nfts and more being added every week. This society was created to help people in need and be able to give them a way to make end meet when times are hard. These unique art pieces live on the ethereum blockchain at the moment while a addition to the polygon blockchain will be added in the future to reduce gas cost for buyers.

Grab one of these amazing nfts from our unique art society collection 

we are all about bargaining so if you see something you like put a bid in and will most likely accept the bid. 


To buy my mom & little brother a home and flea market

To help people in need when times are hard on them 

about the artist: wm97 has always loved doing art from tattooing to digital art. The Artist was blessed with epilepsy as a kid and found art to be a great way to express himself. 

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