Kiki City

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December 01, 2021 – December 07, 2021





What is Kiki City?

Kiki City is a browser-based MMORPG metaverse game. To gain access to Kiki City, you must own a Kiki. There are 10,000 Kikis. If you've played Gaia Online, it's similar to that!

What can you do in Kiki City?

You can chat, do quests, collect items, and play mini-games! The area that you start in is the hub world, there will be many zones in the future. We also are integrating other projects into Kiki City via advertisement billboards and themed zones.

What is the TUNA Pass?

The ultimate utility token! You get:

- Cheaper minting price (.045 ETH instead of .06 ETH)

- Airdrops of art and future in-game items*

- Access to kiki-alpha

- Access to the pre-sale!

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