Kawaii Robot Friends

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July 28, 2022 – August 04, 2022





Nothing is better than friends!

The kawaii robot friends is an nft collection of 10,000 randomly generated cute robotic companions from the future on the ethereum blockchain.

The year is 2199 and humanity has already begun to inhabit other planets outside of earth. For the remaining lifeforms on our beloved big blue, a private company introduces the kawaii robot friends to aid and provide companionship to anyone that would befriend them.

Resources have become more and more scarce over the years so the robots are made using completely random and leftover parts from across the globe. Some robots can fly, some have their own robot companion and some are {data output: battle ready} -- whoops! Looks like web2 is still causing problems. We'll fix that!

Anyway... What are you waiting for? Operate your own kawaii robot friend!

Public mint live!
Price: 0.01 eth + gas
Max 2 per mint / wallet

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