Korean Pop - Revolution

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May 04, 2023 – May 11, 2023









OrangeHare is proud to present “Korean Pop-Revolution," a collection of 2000 limited edition NFTs by 8 Korean artists.

Behind computer screens, canvas, and keyboards, all eight Korean artists at the center of OrangeHare’s second NFT collection are shaping their own identities within a borderless universe, a place where movies, cartoons, and pop-culture are claimed not by countries, but by those who have experienced them and connect with their stories.

And in the process, all 8 artists have succeeded in forging personal mythologies that extend well beyond national, and maybe even personal, identity. This is the KOREAN POP-REVOLUTION, a collection that celebrates a new generation of Korean creators eager to explore their own artistic identity in a rapidly changing world.

All 2000 NFTs are comprised by each of the 8 artists present in this collection, for a total of 250 limited edition NFTs by each. Minting is random. The first 100 people who participate in public minting will receive an OrangeHare Zero PFP minting pass.

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