Jungle Jewels

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June 18, 2023 – June 25, 2023


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Welcome to Jungle Jewels

We're excited to introduce our new NFT project that combines the beauty and mystery of the jungle with the innovation of blockchain technology. Our collection features 5000 unique NFTs showcasing mischievous monkey images, each with its own hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Built on the Polygon blockchain, our project offers fast and affordable transactions, making it easy for anyone to join in on the fun. But Jungle Jewels is more than just a collection of NFTs - it's a thriving community of collectors and adventurers who share a passion for exploration and discovery. We are just getting started and we appreciate all the early joiners and we will continue allocating the jungle spots through subber.xyz!

Here's a roadmap for Jungle Jewels that incorporates staking, raffle house, merch, and IRL events:

Q1 2023: Launch of NFT Collection
The launch of our NFT sale/collection will be a significant moment for Jungle Jewels and will mark the beginning of our journey to create a vibrant and inclusive community of collectors and enthusiasts. We'll be using a combination of social media, influencers, and other marketing strategies to generate awareness and excitement around our launch.

Q2 2023: Launch of Staking Platform

Jungle Jewels will introduce a staking platform that allows holders of our NFTs to earn rewards by locking their tokens in a smart contract. By staking their tokens, holders will earn additional Jungle Jewels tokens and other exclusive benefits.

Q3 2023: Launch of Raffle House

We will launch our Raffle House, where holders of Jungle Jewels NFTs will be able to participate in exclusive raffles and win rare and valuable NFTs from our collection. Each raffle will have a limited number of tickets, giving holders a higher chance of winning.

Q4 2023: Launch of Jungle Wear Merchandise

We'll be launching our official Jungle Wear merchandise line, featuring high-quality clothing and accessories with unique designs inspired by our jungle-themed NFT collection. We want to offer our community the opportunity to show off their passion for Jungle Jewels in style, while also supporting the project and its mission.

We're planning our first-ever in-real-life event for holders of Jungle Jewels NFTs. This event will be held in a jungle-like setting and will provide an opportunity for our community to come together, explore the jungle, and participate in various activities and games. At Jungle Jewels, we believe that the best way to build a strong and vibrant community is by providing our holders with multiple ways to engage and participate. Our roadmap reflects our commitment to creating a dynamic and exciting ecosystem that offers something for everyone. Join us now and let's explore the jungle together! 

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