JoshuaLin X AGENT1 - MasterNFT Game

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January 13, 2022 – February 13, 2022





Joshua Lin is a renowned Celebrity photographer in Asia. He's the designated photographer for the top A-list Korean and Chinese celebrities. With 100s of music videos, photo albums done for the fashion, music and film industry, his skills and works are hard to ignore.

"JoshuaLin" is his genesis NFT drop in collaboration with AGENT1 / JericVerse. While they look like digital artwork, they are in fact captured masterfully by hand using old-film and negatives by Joshua.

First revealed in 2020 at the TKG art gallery in Taipei, these pieces sold out in the physical gallery. Now the NFT drop will allow more collectors to enjoy Joshua's works, win physical pieces, and even get a chance to have an all-expense-paid photoshoot session with Master Joshua Lin.

The stealth drop will happen on 12/6 and will run while stocks last. Only 251 pieces available for grabs.

Part of the upcoming Metaverse project, this is the initial drop of a Master in photography and films, simply google "joshua lin abook studio" and recognise his influence and works with the top Korean and Chinese artists in the region.

Owners of the Agent1 NFTs ( who collect these JoshuaLin NFTs, will receive a bonus of 10,000 tokens, which is exchangeable and also usable for their Agent1 polymorphs in the Metaverse game. Expect a crazy "polymorph" by holding these JoshuaLin NFTs.

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