Joshua Tree Sunset

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October 22, 2021 – October 29, 2021





This Joshua Tree National Park NFT artwork depicts a beautiful sunset in the park. With a mature Joshua Tree in the foreground and some baby and adolescent Joshua Trees along with some Teddy Bear Cholla Cacti and various desert grasses in the background. A collection of unusual rock formations Joshua Tree National Park is famous for blending into a clear sky desert sunset.

At over 800,000 acres the park actually covers two different desert ecosystems in the High Desert (Mojave) and the Low Desert (Colorado) and is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Joshua Trees are quite unique looking and only grow in two places on Earth, the Mojave Desert in the USA and near Jerusalem. Spring is the best time to visit JTNP since the weather is nice and the desert flowers are blooming which attracts millions of butterflies.

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