Jorel Art Collection

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





All the abstract art found in this collection has been created by artificial intelligence. Each of the pieces of art you find here is completely unique in the world. As you might expect, all works here are collectible NFTs. There will be a limited supply of 100 minted NFTs in Polygon and the 10% of sales will go to the study of infant hydrocephalus.


27/01/2022: Start creating NFTs abstract art.

28/01/2022: Set up social media.

27/02/2022: Search for a hospital center that studies hydrocephalus in children to make a donation of a % of total sales.

27/02/2022: Finish creating the 100 abstract art pieces.

28/02/2022: The abstract collection has been finished.

28/03/2022: Start Giveaways in social media.

Season 2 after the collection whole sell  (Holders will get 1 NFT for free).

This is obviously not a Crypto punk collection nor a Bored ape but we do things with love in here too!

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