Johnny the Jerk

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August 07, 2022 – August 14, 2022


Async Art



Johnny the Jerk, 1988 pieces at 0.05 ETH each. 

Johnny The Jerk is a pop, funny, anti consumerism & capitalism inspired project. It’s meant to be easy, funny, coloured and pop, but some of the traits are there to make you think.

“What am I watching here, why are there two coins as eyes and a giant OBEY text coming out from his head?”

Johnny is basically me, you, all of us. It’s kind of a mix between our silly side and the external stimuli, the desires and messages from the consumer society.

Why Jerk?

Basically because he doesn’t care. He’s not a punk, he just don’t care.
It’s not rebellion, it’s just an empty indifference toward the message bombing we all get every day.
He choose not to choose, he goes with the flow. In a positive and negative way, at the same time.

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