Itcesu's first launch: eye-c

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Eye-c is the first nft collection from itcesu. It features unique hand animated nfts stored on the ethereum blockchain. The eye-c collection will consist of continues new drops of everyday items with eyes in them. Owning a nft from the eye-c collection automatically makes you a key holder that will allow you access to future exclusive nfts. Future plans for itcesu include building an itcesu hotel in the metaverse.

The first drop will include 8 nfts with a starting price of 0.1 eth


1. I pay off student debt

2. Set-up of the itcesu discord server

3. Consistent semimonthly nft drops

4. Create limited edition merchandise for key holders

5. Start special drops for key-holders

6. Set up the itcesu hotel in the metaverse

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