International Days

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October 29, 2021 – October 30, 2021





A collection of 501 unique International Day of (…) cards on OpenSea to highlight world challenges, remembrances, and people across 2021.

Each card also gives access to the International Days classified according to 170+ keywords and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, perfect if you’re curious or produce content professionally.

Launch date & time: Friday, October 29th at 2 pm CET
Mint price: 0.05 ETH

How to submit your preferences for attribution

To ensure a fair launch for everyone and not inflate gas prices, we will ask you to do the following steps:

Before launch

Like your 10 favorite cards on OpenSea and keep their names handy in your order of preference.

During launch

Fill the form (link on website and OpenSea) with your wallet address, your 10 favorite cards names, and your email (optional).

24h after launch

Watch this page for the attribution. We will display the table matching cards & wallets.

<72 hours after launch

Buy your Day card(s) within 72h by clicking on the links matching your wallet in the attribution table.


Is there a limit to how many Cards can one person buy at launch?

Yes. To make sure the launch is fair and ownership distributed, we will limit the number of Cards per person to 3 maximum.

How will you decide who gets which Card?

We will look at the forms submissions, starting from the first one submitted.

We will give the first submission its 1st favorite Card. Then we will take the second submission and give it its first favorite card and so on.

If the 1st favorite card of submission has already been attributed, we will default to the 2nd favorite in the list and so on.

If we have less than 501 forms submissions, we will start the process again from the first submission and attribute a second Card to its wallet. We will repeat the process a third time if need be but not more.

Once everyone has been attributed 1, 2, or 3 Cards depending on the number of submissions, the rest (if any) will be available for purchase on OpenSea directly.

Why not randomize the attribution of Cards?

We understand people might have attachments to certain dates (birthdays, professional projects, passions, etc.) so we decided against random Cards attribution.

How do I know which Card(s) has been attributed to me?

The form submissions (minus the emails for obvious privacy reasons) will be displayed on this page as the Attribution table.

The column called "Attributed card" will show the Card attributed for each wallet displayed in the (you guessed it ;) "Wallet" column.

The "Card link" column will take you directly to the Card on OpenSea and only the attributed wallet will be able to make the purchase.

The Cards will only be reserved for the attributed wallets for 72h, then they will be available to be bought by anyone on OpenSea.

If you leave us your email, we will send you the Card(s) attributed to your wallet and the link for purchase.

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