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February 12, 2022 – February 18, 2022

ICSpliffSters is an epic collection of 9999 unique SpliffSters & the one and only SpliffMeister drawn in a comic book style.

The idea behind the project is to create the largest joint gathering on blockchain. We hope to bring to life those funny gents into a NFT comic book. 

The SpliffMeister and SpliffSters gonna hotbox the ICP blockchain, becoming the very first Chain-smokers. The concept of NFT comic book is new on ICP and we are hopping to be pioneers on this chapter. Be ready for great surprises ahead and buckle up, cus’ we gonna get really high!

The public sale will start on 11.02.2022 at 4:20 Our sale will be structured into 6 tiers. Tier 1: 1000 pieces -> 0.5 ICP Tier 2: 1000 pieces -> 0.6 ICP Tier 3: 1000 pieces -> 0.7 ICP Tier 4: 2000 pieces -> 0.8 ICP Tier 5: 2000 pieces -> 0.9 ICP Tier 6: 2000 pieces -> 1.0 ICP


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