Icons Unmasked by Alex Solis

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April 05, 2021 – April 05, 2021






An illustrator and 3D sculptor with a noticeable style, Alex Solis is dropping his NFT collection of artworks on April 5 on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Alex is a quite famous person in the creative world. He has created art for such brands as Marvel, Disney, Sony, Chevrolet, New Balance, Minecraft, and lots more.

“Art has pushed me in life in a way that has given me the courage to do stuff I never dreamed of doing, and I'm really focused and excited to keep pushing harder to see where it takes me!’ – once said the artist. Currently, it took him to the NFT universe. On April 5, Alex will present some of his viral pieces as well as some new ones.

They will be available within the lotteries as well as the open edition, and it’s a great chance to grab one, or two, or more!

[video width="640" height="640" mp4="https://nftcalendar.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/alex-solis-nft-drop.mp4"][/video]

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