Collection 001 : Element by TYCHO

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April 15, 2021 – April 16, 2021






On April 15, Scott Hansen aka Tycho is releasing his ‘ISO50 Collection 001: Element’ on Nifty Gateway. Tycho is an audiovisual project that crafts music and arts from album covers to concert posters.

Scott is a prominent figure in the electronic scene. His dreamy, instrumentals that are often described as “chill" are adored by many people across the globe.

“I feel like I’ve been working toward this moment as an artist for my entire career. I have spent the past 20 years exploring the confluence of design, motion, and sound and so to watch a new medium uniquely suited to my work evolve out of the ether has been truly inspiring” – says Tycho about the upcoming drop.

This is the first NFT collection by Tycho that shows his multifaceted ability to channel memories and environments through unreleased musical compositions and animations.

Mark your calendars for April 15. Do not miss the drop!

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