I Spy Star Family

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January 26, 2022 – February 02, 2022





We are all One Universal Family.

Let's support our Star Family, by uniting in this space & elsewhere.

 Let's share, learn, & expand our minds together.

Let's plant the seeds of belief in others. 

Let's start welcoming our galactic family without fear & with open hearts.

NFT collection 'I Spy Star Family' was inspired by these beliefs & vision.  Featuring digital art based on original travel photos & UFO art from the artist Brittany Sundance - with the purpose of starting more belief & conversations about the existence of intelligent life.  Only the first 111 have been minted to the public.

It is the artist's belief that the more the world collectively relinquishes fear of intelligent life & welcomes their presence on planet Earth, the more often they will show themselves.   This collection starts more community around this topic!

Owning an NFT from this collection gives access to the invite only Star Family server on Discord.  In this group, you can chat with the artist & all others who support the mission of bridging the gap between the believers & non believers of UFOs/intelligent life.  Sharing more resources, stories, experiences, & knowledge around this topic will help the collective shift into a space where our galactic family will feel safe to visit more openly like they did in the past. 

The community will be ever growing & expanding, as the NFT collection will also expand.  It is my hope to get some influential people in this field of study involved as well & organize virtual meetings. 

There will only be 11 variations of each specific photo in the 'I Spy Star Family' collection.  If you collect 3 or more NFTs in this collection, you can submit your own travel photo to be added.  Gaining credit as the photographer & also receiving a dividend if/when it is sold. 

If you collect all 11 variations of one specific photo, the artist will hand paint that photo for you in any style you like! 

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