I'm Rich

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April 06, 2022 – April 13, 2022


Magic Eden



A collection of 999 #NFT's for the RICH in $SOL blockchain, will give you a chance to win the bluechip NFTs.

1) Why should I mint & hold? I'M RICH NFTs will reward you with NFTs every week with Solana blue-chips NFTs. Also, each week that your NFT can't win anything, the "luck" of your NFT will increase cumulatively, and get a higher chance of winning rewards in the future.

2) WHAT? HOW? Winning rates of NFTs, which couldn’t win the giveaway previously, will increase every draw day. For example, every I’M RICH NFT wins an NFT with a 1% chance by default (full gold and full blacks 3% by default), the winning chance of these NFTs, that couldn’t win, will increase by 2x for each week. Example: Week1: NFT 1: 1 ticket NFT 2: 1 ticket Week 2: NFT 1 won the first week: 1 ticket NFT 2 couldn’t win: 2 tickets Week 3: NFT 1 Couldn’t win second week: 2 tickets NFT 2 Couldn’t win second week: 4 tickets Week 4: NFT 1 Couldn’t win third week: 4 tickets NFT 2 won the third week: 1 tickets

3) Mint WEN Mint will be available only for the wallets with the WL token. To see how to get whitelisted check whitelist-info . The date will be announced and the mint button will appear on https://imrichnft.me/. For more FAQs, visit https://imrichnft.me/

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